Thursday, 25 January 2018

Regan's Quilt

While we were living at the little house on the hill I was working on a quilt for my daughter.  She is legally blind without her glasses and wanted a bright quilt.  I designed a simple quilt on EQ7 and included bright batik fabrics.

Each hexagon was to be made using strips of batik fabrics and when finished appliquéd to a background fabric.  Sounds simple? hmm not so simple.  I don't know if it was the hexagons, my sewing or my brain injury but I just could not get them right.  My other problem was the background fabric was a little bland neither of us liked the blocks very much.  

Fortunately we discovered this early on so changes could be made.  While looking at homespun on line I asked The Reverse Quilter his opinion and against my better judgement I ordered the fabric he liked, it was bright boy was it bright. I change the hexegons for circles and appliquéd them to the fabric he choose.

In the end I was surprised how it turned out and Regan loves it.  Some times we need to trust our instincts and others choices.

Cheers Pauline


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