Sunday, 21 January 2018

Take a Stitch Tuesday and a bee sting

Tuesday has come and gone and Sharon from had announced Fly stitch as the  stitch of the week  for TAST.  Fly stitch is not one of my favourites but after some googling and practise I think I mastered it.  I was able to do a straight line and use it in a scalloped design.  If you want to join in, the weekly stitches and instructions can be found at or on the TAST Facebook page.

I started writing this post yesterday evening but had to rush away because our sweet little Suzee was stung by a bee or a wasp somewhere on her face.  Her poor little face became swollen within minutes and she started to vomit.  We made a dash to the emergency vet hospital and  the vet administered an adrenaline and an antihistamine injection.

 Two hours after the injections. 

When we got home we stayed with her until midnight and gave her an antihistamine tablet before going to bed.  This  morning her face was still swollen and she required another antihistamine tablet before it returned to normal. Suzee is only 4 months old and is still so little.   

We were unaware that a bee sting or wasp sting could be so serious.  The vet has told us if she gets stung again her reaction will be worse and could be fatal.  We are very thankful she is still with us

Cheers Pauline


  1. Oh, poor sweet puppy! Hopefully she learned that bees are not good to eat!

  2. Hi She is all good now and we are hoping she has learnt her lesson. she is a silly sweet girl


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