Thursday, 3 May 2018

So much happening but not a lot of crafting

Wow we have been having such a busy time.  Before moving to Rockingham we purchase a house to move into.  It was built in the 1970's,is double brick with 3 bedrooms and needed some work.

Two weeks ago the renovations started with the enclosed patio and last week the kitchen was gutted and replaced.  We are living in our caravan, all the bedrooms are currently storing our furniture and the kitchen will not be finished for another week.  Hence no crafting

They say things happen in threes and that was true for us last week.  On Monday the tiler was removing the tiles in the living area and managed to cut his finger badly with a jack hammer. On Tuesday hubby was watching the stone benches being put in and realised they had put the hole for the sink in the wrong place.  It was up under a cupboard and very long arms were needed to reach it.  When Hubby pointed it out it was a bit like watching an asian version of the Three Stooges.  The three installers started talking very quickly to each other and there was lots of pointing and gesturing. A very long phone call was made, the bench was taken out quicker than it went in and returned to the factory.  On the Wednesday our puppy chased a bee and had her third trip to the vets for antihistamine injection.  Hmm she seems to be a bit slow to learn that bees sting. 

She had a fat lip for a few days but as you can see she is OK and supervising us while we strip the old paint of the wall.

Cheers Pauline

Sunday, 29 April 2018

A Grandy Brag

I think one of the most wonderful things to happen is becoming a grandparent.  Since our move across the country we are now close to our granddaughter.  She is a sweet little girl with big smiles and happy nature.  

When her uncle from her mothers side of the family got married she was flower girl. The Roses she carried were long stemmed and almost as tall as her but she managed to carry them and stole the show. 

We attended the wedding and then babysat little miss.  Before we went home we took her to have a ice-cream, all the groomsmen kept telling her if she sat still or stood still for the photos she could have ice-cream.

Cheers Pauline

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Progress on the UFOS and help from the Reverse Quilter.

I posted about this quilt centre made with 4 inch blocks in  a previous post titled A Little Tip I Learnt This Week.  I was unhappy with the colour choices and wanted to redesign it using bigger blocks.  

Having thought long and hard I decided on using the four patch blocks as the centre of a Log Cabin block. My wonderful husband  "The Reverse Quilter"  not only does the unpicking he also helps with the planning of my blocks.  He made a 12" template for the block and has marked the length of each log along with the positioning of the light and dark strips

After planning the Log Cabin Block the reverse he unpicked the quilt centre and trimmed the 4Patch blocks to 3.5 inch squares. They are now ready to be used as the centre of the log cabin blocks. I think I like him being in retirement.

Happy Crafting Cheers Pauline

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Those UnFinished Objects most of us have

 After unpacking the three UFO's I thought about the many reasons  projects don’t get finished.  I am sure there are hundreds of reasons, here are some of mine
  • My tastes change
  • I loved the fabrics but they were not quite right for the project,   
  • Impulse buys
  • The project was beyond my capabilities 
  • I ran out of enthusiasm for the project
  • Did not have the required skills to complete the project

Every time I came across the projects in the cupboard I felt saddened for several reasons.
  • All the time and creative process put into designing the projects
  • The cost of the fabrics  
  • The time and effort to sew the projects to almost completion
  • The thought of what I could have used the money for including more fabric
One of the three projects was made of scraps and a charm pack I was given as a Chris Kringle.  The charm pack was not the type of fabrics I buy.  The scrap has been sandwiched read for quilting scrap-busting.html 

The second is  hexagon flowers intended for a Granny's garden quilt, I have managed to make 10 more flowers.  60 flowers of 100 are completed.

The quilt pictured in the last post has been unpicked and will become a square in square.

What to do with projects  you know you will never complete?
  • I have sold them on eBay
  • Donated tops to the QLD flood relief
  • Passed one on within a craft group and was amazed  at how good it looked when it was complete.
How many UFO's do you have and what are your plans for them?  I would love to hear from you.

Cheers Pauline

Thursday, 15 February 2018

A Little Tip I Learnt This Week

I like using as many fabrics as I can in my projects and I love scrap quilts. Some time it works but I am not always happy with the results.

Here is one I am not so happy with, the heart blocks were given to me and I have added 4 patch and rail fence blocks. I am concerned that some of the fabrics are of the same value and there is low contrast.


You might be asking what this has to do with learning a little tip?   I have a piece of fabric I want to use as the background and I am unsure how it would look with the fabrics I am using.  After searching the web, visiting you tube and talking with others, one of the ladies in my craft group gave me a great tip.

If you are unsure of your background  fabric lay it on a table and place small squares of the other fabrics for the project on top of it.

You can see at a glance if your background fabric will work with the other fabrics you have chosen. I asked myself, do the fabrics stand out against the background and Is there enough contrast?    

I can see  the top right hand corner fabric is not a good choice, it does not standout and will leave dull uninteresting areas in the quilt.  I am glad I was told this tip it would be a great way to choose contrasting fabrics for scrap quilts.

Cheers Pauline

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Scrap Busting

One good thing about moving, I was forced to face all my WIPs and scraps.  I chose to keep three  WIPS and I had several grocery bags of scrap along with some charm squares I received from a Chris Kringle.  I did not want to part with them but was unsure how to use them.  

As always I looked to the Internet for inspiration, I looked at scrap quilts on pinterest visited and followed the link to her website.  Mary's website has instructions for some beautiful quilts, many are made using strips from the scrap bag.

After a large dose of eye candy I decided to do a Log Cabin block called Courthouse Steps. Although it is a little scrappier than it should be I am pleased with the results.

Yesterday I finished the backing and pinned the quilt.  I am going to do big stitch quilting in a circular design. I think the circular design will give the quilt some movement.

Big stitch quilting is my style of quilting no perfect quarter inch stitches and it takes a relative short time to finish. Here is a video from you tube on how to big stitch quilt

Cheers Pauline

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Embroidery, whats your style?

I mentioned in my previous posts I am taking part in Take a Stitch Tuesday. A new stitch is announced every Tuesday to learn, practise and explore.

I started doing a single row of each new stitch and I quickly came to the conclusion it is really not my style. Single rows of each stitch reminded me very much of our needle work classes at school and I can still see the cross stitch on gingham everyone made.  

When my grandmother and mother were young Semco mass produced printed embroidery designs on good quality linen. The instructions told you what colours to use and the stitches were limited to basic stitches.  To complete one of these embroidery designs took many hours of work and crafters now collect them to incorporate into new pieces of patch work and other crafts.

I enjoy a variety of crafts and become excited about new techniques especially if I can combine them with crafts I am already enjoying.  Crazy patchwork is one of these techniques, combining patchwork with free form embroidery and embellishments. No rhyme and no reason to what you are doing I think the only aim is to cover all seams with embroidery and or embellishments

I enjoy both of these forms of stitching but I think my passion is for free form art quilts.  I will continue with the lines of embroidery stitches on the first piece for Take a stitch Tuesday and make a second piece using the stitches in a free form way.

I have spent time this week looking at Textile art and found lots of inspiration on Pintrest

Which style do you prefer or do you have a passion for one type of embroidery?

Cheers Pauline