Thursday, 3 May 2018

So much happening but not a lot of crafting

Wow we have been having such a busy time.  Before moving to Rockingham we purchase a house to move into.  It was built in the 1970's,is double brick with 3 bedrooms and needed some work.

Two weeks ago the renovations started with the enclosed patio and last week the kitchen was gutted and replaced.  We are living in our caravan, all the bedrooms are currently storing our furniture and the kitchen will not be finished for another week.  Hence no crafting

They say things happen in threes and that was true for us last week.  On Monday the tiler was removing the tiles in the living area and managed to cut his finger badly with a jack hammer. On Tuesday hubby was watching the stone benches being put in and realised they had put the hole for the sink in the wrong place.  It was up under a cupboard and very long arms were needed to reach it.  When Hubby pointed it out it was a bit like watching an asian version of the Three Stooges.  The three installers started talking very quickly to each other and there was lots of pointing and gesturing. A very long phone call was made, the bench was taken out quicker than it went in and returned to the factory.  On the Wednesday our puppy chased a bee and had her third trip to the vets for antihistamine injection.  Hmm she seems to be a bit slow to learn that bees sting. 

She had a fat lip for a few days but as you can see she is OK and supervising us while we strip the old paint of the wall.

Cheers Pauline


  1. Lots happening there, but very exciting to see your renovations taking shape. Poor puppy they eventually learn :-(

    1. Hi Helen she is sweet. Each time it happens she gets close to me and nudges me to see what has happened. Poor baby I hope she learns soon

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