Sunday, 25 March 2018

Progress on the UFOS and help from the Reverse Quilter.

I posted about this quilt centre made with 4 inch blocks in  a previous post titled A Little Tip I Learnt This Week.  I was unhappy with the colour choices and wanted to redesign it using bigger blocks.  

Having thought long and hard I decided on using the four patch blocks as the centre of a Log Cabin block. My wonderful husband  "The Reverse Quilter"  not only does the unpicking he also helps with the planning of my blocks.  He made a 12" template for the block and has marked the length of each log along with the positioning of the light and dark strips

After planning the Log Cabin Block the reverse he unpicked the quilt centre and trimmed the 4Patch blocks to 3.5 inch squares. They are now ready to be used as the centre of the log cabin blocks. I think I like him being in retirement.

Happy Crafting Cheers Pauline


  1. Your husband is a keeper! Are you going to use the heart blocks too? Or save them for another project?

  2. Hi Colleen yes he is I am lucky. I am thinking of using the heart blocks around the outer edge. Thanks for commenting Cheers Pauline


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