Sunday, 25 February 2018

Those UnFinished Objects most of us have

 After unpacking the three UFO's I thought about the many reasons  projects don’t get finished.  I am sure there are hundreds of reasons, here are some of mine
  • My tastes change
  • I loved the fabrics but they were not quite right for the project,   
  • Impulse buys
  • The project was beyond my capabilities 
  • I ran out of enthusiasm for the project
  • Did not have the required skills to complete the project

Every time I came across the projects in the cupboard I felt saddened for several reasons.
  • All the time and creative process put into designing the projects
  • The cost of the fabrics  
  • The time and effort to sew the projects to almost completion
  • The thought of what I could have used the money for including more fabric
One of the three projects was made of scraps and a charm pack I was given as a Chris Kringle.  The charm pack was not the type of fabrics I buy.  The scrap has been sandwiched read for quilting scrap-busting.html 

The second is  hexagon flowers intended for a Granny's garden quilt, I have managed to make 10 more flowers.  60 flowers of 100 are completed.

The quilt pictured in the last post has been unpicked and will become a square in square.

What to do with projects  you know you will never complete?
  • I have sold them on eBay
  • Donated tops to the QLD flood relief
  • Passed one on within a craft group and was amazed  at how good it looked when it was complete.
How many UFO's do you have and what are your plans for them?  I would love to hear from you.

Cheers Pauline

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