Thursday, 1 February 2018

Embroidery, whats your style?

I mentioned in my previous posts I am taking part in Take a Stitch Tuesday. A new stitch is announced every Tuesday to learn, practise and explore.

I started doing a single row of each new stitch and I quickly came to the conclusion it is really not my style. Single rows of each stitch reminded me very much of our needle work classes at school and I can still see the cross stitch on gingham everyone made.  

When my grandmother and mother were young Semco mass produced printed embroidery designs on good quality linen. The instructions told you what colours to use and the stitches were limited to basic stitches.  To complete one of these embroidery designs took many hours of work and crafters now collect them to incorporate into new pieces of patch work and other crafts.

I enjoy a variety of crafts and become excited about new techniques especially if I can combine them with crafts I am already enjoying.  Crazy patchwork is one of these techniques, combining patchwork with free form embroidery and embellishments. No rhyme and no reason to what you are doing I think the only aim is to cover all seams with embroidery and or embellishments

I enjoy both of these forms of stitching but I think my passion is for free form art quilts.  I will continue with the lines of embroidery stitches on the first piece for Take a stitch Tuesday and make a second piece using the stitches in a free form way.

I have spent time this week looking at Textile art and found lots of inspiration on Pintrest

Which style do you prefer or do you have a passion for one type of embroidery?

Cheers Pauline

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