Saturday, 13 January 2018

Take a Stitch Tuesday (TAST)

I love Crazy Patchwork and part of the enjoyment is learning new stitches and revisiting old ones, to help me do both I have joined TAST an embroidery skill building group run by Sharon over at Pintangle 

Each Tuesday Sharon announces a stitch of the week and how you practise the weekly stitch is entirely up to you. The first few weeks covers easy stitches and over the weeks the stitches become harder. 

Week one was running stitch and this week it was buttonhole stitch.

My Running stitch sample.

Easy does not mean boring if you visit the TAST Facebook page you will see some amazing stitching being done by both beginners and accomplished embroiderers. 

I enjoyed the running stitch for the first week but realised I needed a different project to incorporate the rest of the TAST stitches.    I dug through my fabrics and found a piece of patchwork I had stitched to use for a tote. I have added both the running stitch and the buttonhole stitches to the piece and I am looking forward to Tuesday to find out what the next stitch is. At the end I will have a crazy patch piece I can turn into a tote.

Cheers Pauline

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