Monday, 15 February 2016

A quilt for sale and changes to my design

Wow we have had a busy time lately.  They say things come in threes and we have had our three.

It started with us buying a caravan, we were so excited and travelled all the way to the Gold Coast to pick it up (over 300 km) on the return journey,100km from home our car started to play up.  We would loose power and then suddenly regain it. Fortunately we are members of RACQ, they put the car on the back of the tow truck and hitched the caravan to the tow ball and took us Home.  Not quite the trip we envisaged.  The following week the Reverse Quilter was bitten by a dog while working and his father has become too frail to care for himself and we have gone through the process of finding a nursing home.

I have managed to find some time to do some quilting, a small raggy quilt for sale

I have been working on my daughters quilt and there has been a complete change to the design.  I found the large hexies turned out wonky so went for an easier option of circles.

The block circles for the reverse applique are finished and it was then I discovered I did not have enough of the chosen fabric for the background of the block .  

I should know by now not to ask the the reverse quilter what fabric to use as his favourite colour is red.

We browsed the homespun on to see what was available.

OMG I know my our daughter wanted a bright quilt but this is what he chose.

I guess when you lay the circles for the applique on the fabric it does not look too bad.

If all goes to plan the finished quilt will look something like this.

Happy crafting 


  1. Threes can be very scary. Wow love the look of your daughters quilt great colour choices !

  2. oh my this quilt will be amazing,hope you have a lovely day xx

  3. Hope you get the car fixed ok... It's always hard making quilts for others when you don't choose the colours


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