Saturday, 2 January 2016

Getting the Colours Right

Happy New Year to you all.

Do you have a hard time choosing colours for your quilts it is one my  biggest stumbling blocks.  I admire colour choices made by other quilters and some colour schemes are pretty easy to get right. Red, white, black and grey, these colours you can use all of them together or in any combination but with other colour combinations it is not so obvious. Generally I buy fabric because I love the colour, pattern or feel and I tend not to think of its final use.   So how do you mix colours or decide on colour combinations?  I think I have found an easy way.

While surfing pintrest, I came across a chart called colour combos that work. 

The chart got me thinking about the colours I use and I realised my stash has a limited colour palette and very few what I would call blenders.  (Colours that will blend with others)  

I am sure we have all read articles on matching colours and tones and large and small prints, but for me it is not easy and some times my quilts don't have the wow factor I am looking for.  I though how great it would be to have a "go to" selection of colour combos that I can choose from, you know a bit like paint combos.  I have had a great time on pintrest and here it is  a link to my pintrest album  Colour Combos with over 300 colour combos to choose from

I took the chart on my last shopping spree and was able to move out of my comfort Zone and buy colours I would never have looked at before.  I chose plain colours, mustard and grey fabrics, every piece was something I would not have looked at before. Not one of them is anything exciting but it will be interesting to see the end results when combined with fabrics from my stash.

Hope you enjoy browsing colour combinations


  1. Love your new fabrics Pauline and the colour combinations you chose. Looking forward to seeing how they all come beautifully together with fabrics from your stash. Next time I am fabric shopping I will definitely use the colour combos that work.

  2. Hope you have fun with it. Sure made me think out of the box

  3. Thanks for the link Pauline :)

  4. Really nice and interesting. Greetings!


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