Saturday, 21 November 2015

Cuppa Time and a Catch Up

I have had a 5 month break and some more sad times after loosing our 12 year old Boxer dog it is time to start crafting and blogging again.

First on the agenda it a visit to some of the the wonderful bloggers  I follow. It is like catching up with old friends

Cath at has been doing some hand stitching on one of her projects.  The little bear on her swing is very sweet.

Helen from has made some beautiful quilted Christmas candle holders has had surgery.  I wish her all the very best.

Karin has visited the Craft and Quilt fair and has purchased a beautiful Asian style panel by  Robert Kaufman. To see the stunning pannel and the beutiful fabrics Karin has the purchased pop on over

Congratulations to Rosemary who has almost completed her Farmgirl Vintage quilt.  The quilt has an amazing range of blocks in it.

I have been incridebly lucky this month.  I had a win on the Melbourne cup and on the same day my beautiful daughter and her partner surprised us with a visit all the way from Darwin.  They stayed for 2 days and I was able to get some answers about the design and colours for her quilt.

Her request was a modern quilt the brighter the better.  As she is legally blind without her glasses so I can get why she wants bright but for me who tends to use lots of florals and subtle colors it is a bit of a challenge.  I have thrown all previous designs out the door and here is the final design.  The hexagons will be made from batiks to give the quilt the brightness Regan wants.

Until next time happy crafting


  1. Welcome back Pauline--so sorry about your doggie...that is so hard....
    I love the plan for your new quilt--it will be gorgeous....can't wait to see it "come to life"...hugs, Julierose

    1. Hi Julierose thanks for the welcome. I am interested to see how the quilt works our it is a bit funky. lol xx

  2. Hey Pauline! Nice to have you back! I am sorry about your loss ... we are boxer lovers (have dog sat Buster a few times this year after sis broke her leg, can't wait until I retire and we get one of our own) they are amazing companions.
    Your daughter's quilt looks very interesting ... keep us posted :)

    1. Hi Glinda boxers are awesome dogs. Shower them with love and you get it back ten fold. Rocky was our third boxer. if you can wait 5 years for them to stop being puppies they are supper intelligent. If rocky saw his lead he would he would take it in his mouth and walk himself beside me. I did not have to hold his lead. When he was due for his bath I would hook a plastic bag with the money in it to his lead give him the lead to hold in his mouth and he would walk down the drive to the mobile dog wash and wait while his lead was taken off. After his bath he walked himself up the driveway to me to be dried. No I did not teach him he just knew what was going to happen and wanted to do it himself lol

  3. Oh Pauline, sounds like you've had some hard times. I know the feeling. We had to put down our 16 year old retriever 2 months after losing my mum and 24 yo nephew. It is hard to get back to normal???? Whatever that is but good to see you back here....

    1. Sounds like you have had a hard time too Jo. Thanks for the welcome back and your kind thoughts. We have had some joy we welcomed our first grand child Matisse and I have a new Birdy friend who is a lot of mischief lol


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