Monday, 30 March 2015

Out of touch

Wow it is sooo long since I last blogged.  (now that sounds like a Sunday Confession lol) 

I have visited you all and looked at your creations So many beautiful things and so many talented people.

I have been crafting 

  •  Quilt  started and finished, 
  • Button bouquet and flowers made. 
  • Three embroideries for my etsy store
  • Button ball decorations made
  • Craft room cleaned and garage sale held
  • New facebook groups joined.
  • A UFO re-purposed 
I am a member of the Quilt Club Australia Group via facebook.  What a great group, lots of eye candy to look at, lots of information and a very  supportive group willing to share hints and tips. 

I was a member of a yahoo group for making fabric postcard and enjoyed making and swapping cards.  Sadly Yahoo made changes and the group was very hard to access.  Recently I found an Australian group on facebook, Aussie Fabric Post Card Swap .  This month I am taking part in my first swap, the theme is the letter L hmmmm. Lace, lollies, lavender or maybe lipstick I am yet to decide.  It is always exciting to see what your partner has made. Aussie fabric Postcard 

One of my completed embroideries.  He is so sweet, I enjoyed making this

I have used this one as the centre for a baby quilt

Until next time stay safe


  1. You've been busy since you last blogged! Your embroidery looks perfect! So pretty!

    1. Hi rosemary thanks for your lovely comment Cheers Pauline

  2. Beautiful embroideries, love them. Wow you have been busy, look forward to hearing more about your groups. :)

    1. Thank you Helen your visit to my blog and comments are appreciated. There is one group I want to share with you all but thats my next post Cheers

  3. The embroidery in the first picture is soooo cute! Don't feel guilty about not posting - it's your blog, after all. But, it's nice to hear from you in any event.

  4. Your embroideries are just lovely.

  5. Always nice to catch up, Pauline, hope you're enjoying your crafting time :)


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