Saturday, 8 November 2014

A Quick Bob Tale

When I want to cut longer lengths of fabric I Bluetack a tape measure to my kitchen counter. It enables me to move my cutting board to the required measurement for borders etc.  The only problem I have is Bob, he has discovered the Bluetack and chewed the end of the tape to get at it.  (I don't knew what he thinks it is ) He has been driving me nuts, every time I go to sew something he is back there.  Ahhhhh. This week I had a light bulb moment and  I have finally fixed his little game. I  placed his dish of buttons and beads over the end of the tape measure and leave it there until I want to cut some fabric.

Now we are both happy lol


  1. I love this!!! Bob sounds like quite the character :)

    1. Thanks for the visit he is a character. One of his favourite things to do is get one of the buttons in his mother, He then runs across the bench and drops the button into my coffee cup. lol He is also very sweet


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