Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A big Welcome and Playing with EQ7

I am excited to welcome three new followers.  Welcome Helen (http://helenspatchworkpassion.blogspot.com.au 
Linda (http://lindas-muse.blogspot.com.au ) and StudioDabere,  
Thank you for joining me.

I have put a small stool under my computer desk to rest my leg on and have been playing with EQ7  I am still waiting to see the specialist, one more week to go

After revisiting the Country Revival pattern and 14 drafts later the design is completed.  Yes 14 I tend play around a little or a lot lol  I wanted to make sure I used all the fabric from the original version.

For these designs I wanted to add a lighter colour. I scanned calico and used it for the borders.

This is the one I have chosen as the final version. I think I am in love with Fibonacci grid.  Really has been helping with my designs. I now need to get the end product to look like the pattern

I like all three designs and have been considering writing the pattern instructions for them.  


  1. I have EQ7 also but I don't use it that much. I should really become more familiar with it. I'm sure practice helps. You seem to have it all figured out! I love seeing the different borders. I love them all also! Hope your leg gets better soon!!

  2. I Rosemary thanks for the visit and well wishes. my biggest problem is I could spend hours playing with EQ7.
    Cheers Pauline


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