Monday, 6 October 2014

There and Back

 It is a bit like Pussy Cat Pussy Cat where have you been ?

  • Where?  To the Cox Peninsular at the very top of Australia across the bay from Darwin. 
  •  Why?  To visit my parents who are in their 80's
  • How far? A 6,000 klm round trip.
  • How did we get there? By car

 We left on the 13th of September and came home on the 3rd of October.  It was wonderful, we drove through outback Queensland and were able to see Emus in the wild and a lot of the native wild flowers. The scenery was spectacular, we drove through  grasslands, savannah, rocky gibber plains, desert and of course the tropics. We saw amazing sunrises and beautiful sunsets,  We took one highway through Queensland to get there and another on the way back enabling us to see a large majority of Queensland.  A lot of the outback is in draught and the land owners are doing it tough but the stock we saw were looking healthy

We drove up the Stuart Highway through Mataranka, Katherine, Pine Creek, Adelaide River and on to the Cox Penisular. As we got closer to Darwin the ant hills started to appear and we had forgotten how tall they grew.  The white ants make there hills (mounds) to align with the earth's magnetic field The landscape became lusher with tree ferns and cycads among the gum trees.

On the Cox Peninsular is the small community of  Mandorah. About 450 people, the most pristine beaches and great fishing. My parents retired there 20 years ago, what a great place to retire too.

Not only do my parents live at Mandorh but also my brother, sister, extended family and great nieces.  My lovely daughter came across on the ferry each day to stay with us over night, it was wonderful seeing her and made me realise how much we miss her and her brother.   We spent sometime relaxing, reading our books and walking on the beaches.  Our last weekend there we travelled to Darwin stayed with our daughter and went to the Nightcliff markets. There was sooo many stalls it was a little hard to take it all in. There was beautiful Asian clothing, glorious sarongs, tropical plants and fruit.   I was very tempted to by some batik fabrics but I had been to Dragonfly Fabrics with my sister earlier in the week, but that's another post.

We took Bob with us and at first he was a little quiet but after awhile he became a back seat driver calling out and ringing his bell lol

Hope all is well with all of you


  1. Lovely to hear about your trip very interesting for your UK bloggers the scenery looks amazing.
    Thank you.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. The Australian scenery is amazing but like most people who live in a place we tend to forget. Cheers


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