Thursday, 13 February 2014

I see red, I see red, I see red !

I have been working on my centre medallion quilt making the diamond in a square blocks

4 cream squares per block  (192 x 3 inch squares in total)

Each square is folded and pressed to form a triangle.  When the triangle is opened the fold becomes the sewing line  

The triangles are opened out and with the right sides of the fabric together pinned to the larger square at the corners

The fold lines are used as the sewing line.

After stitching along the fold line fold the fabric toward the corner of the larger block to expose the right side of the fabric. Repeat this process for all 4 corners.  

 Of course not all has gone smoothly. 

I washed the fabric before I used it, adding salt and vinegar to the water and pressed the fabric to set the red dye before use.  All went well until I sprayed starch on the fabric before pressing it. The starch caused the red to run into the cream fabric. I quickly washed the piece  by hand and fortunately the red came out of the cream fabric.  Moral to this story do not use spray starch on red fabric. 

While I was making the blocks my supervisor was on hand to make sure I was doing it right,


  1. Lucky you got the red out of the cream fabric...I also wash my fabrics before use (also use vinegar with really stubborn dyes). However, I put starch into my last rinse so don't spray again when pressing. If a fabric runs too much while washing, I don't use it as I once had a colour run disaster on a finished table runner with a dark blue fabric...took lots and lots of chemicals to get that out. Since then I have become a bit more careful.

  2. Thanks for the tip I will try it next time I have dark colours that may run.
    Cheers Pauline

  3. We all need a bit of supervision from time to time! And yours? He's the cutest :)


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