Thursday, 5 December 2013

Does anyone have Easy Quilt 7. I would like to hear your reviews.

Recently I have been using Easy Quilt 6 program to make patterns for some of the quilts I have made.  Generally my quilts grow as I make them and are often inspired by a block or a piece of fabric. Nothing is put on paper and there is no real designing process. It has been fun putting the designs into EQ6. I like  being able to calculate the fabric needed, view a completed design  and being able to view colour options.

The quilt in the photo was made for my Daughter in-law without any instructions. I love the fact that I can see what it would look like in other fabric options. 

The reverse quilter has offered to buy EQ7 for me as a Christmas gift. 
At almost $200.00 I would like to know if other quilters have the program and what their thoughts are.

PS This great scrap buster  patter is available at


  1. Sorry, can't help with your question, but just to say your quilts are fab as always :-)
    Have a happy weekend,

    1. Thanks Gilly
      Your comment is appreciated. Cheers Pauline


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