Saturday, 9 November 2013

Morten Island day 2

The following morning we woke to the Kookaburras laughing and a beautiful day. 

After a long walk along the beach we boarded the boat for the whale watching and headed out to deep water.  On our way out we past the wrecks.  These boats were sunk to provide shelter to the large variety for fish living in the waters around Moreton Island.  It is hoped the Wrecks will eventually turn into coral reefs. 

You can hire boats and canoes to travel to the wrecks for swimming, fishing and snorkelling.

There are also tour for these activities along with a fish feeding tour that travels to the wrecks just before dusk each day,

 Moreton Island is the third largest sand island in the world and the large clear area on the hill in the photo below is used for tobogganing.

We were fortunate to see the Hump Back Whales with their calves. It was awe inspiring to watch the calves frolicking, coming up out of the water flipping over and diving head first back down into the water.

That evening on our way to dinner I was able to get a photo of the beautiful  sunset.

On the way back  to our unit a cheeky Sugar Glider glided from one palm to another in front of us. Another night a Brush Tailed Possum crossed in front of us to get to the his mate with her baby on her back. I have live in Australia all my life and this is the first time I have seen possums in the wild.

Sugar glider
There is so much to do and see on the Island, tours, and over 40 free actiities


  1. So jealous! What a beautiful place to have a vacation! Enjoy!!


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