Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Back On Line

So glad to be back on line.  Have had a few problems with our computer...... Beware of Windows PC repair.  It is not a Microsoft Windows program and will not improve your computers performance . It is  a virus and enters your computer from some websites. Windows PC repair is a nasty little beggar it will steal your information and feed them back to a website. PC Repair also attempts to make it so you cannot run any programs on your computer. If you attempt to launch a program it will terminate it and state that the program or hard drive is corrupted. It does this to protect itself from anti-virus programs you may attempt to run and to make your computer unusable. It will send you false critical errors and system errors encouraging you to download the false program.

Fortunately  before any damage was done I researched the virus and was able to remove it and a trip to the computer store for a double check and all is well.

Now I can share my holiday photos with you


  1. Wow Pauline -- thanks for the great tips. My husband has been having some trouble with his computer recently ... I'll pass this along!

    Its nice that you're back! Hugs, Karen

  2. Thanks for the warning. I've seen that PC Repair pop up, but at the time, my computer was working fine, so I wasn't interested. Now I'm REALLY not interested!


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