Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Catching up and UFO's

Since Nanart I have been catching up with all the things I have neglected while I was finishing Temples of Luck.  The house has been cleaned, the stash has been sorted and the Sewing room cleaned and tidied.

While cleaning the sewing room I came across several UFO's. 

Oh No the dreaded UFO pile along with several projects I want to make.

April and May blocks for CQJP 2013

Country style quilt                       
Baby quilt for Jack                         
Accidental quilt                              
Teapot table runner                     
9 patch quilt                               
Log cabin Wagga                          

If I complete one project per month I will be ready to make a new list in 2014 lol.

I am hoping start on my entries for next years Nanart and would like to enter each section.

The numbers were down this year and the festival needs more entries to keep it going. If you are interested in entering art or craft you can mail your entry in.  For more information

These are the craft categories and as you can see the prize are great.  All items entred can be sold  with a small commission going to Nanart

1. Recycled item, something new from old (any medium) 1st '$75 2nd $25

2. Knitted or Crochet item 1s't $75 2nd $25

3. Dolls & Bears any medium 1s t$75 2'nd $25

4. Patchwork/Applique, any method, any size 1st $100 2nd $25

5. Needlework stitcheries Xstitch / embroidery 1st $75 2nd $25

6. Jewellery / Beading any medium, any item 1st $75 2nd $25

7. Open (Any other item, any medium) 1st *$75 2nd $25    


  1. Gosh Pauline, you've been busy and looking at the UFO list, you're going to be even busier! Why do we do it to ourselves?? Must be a sickness :)

  2. Rule #1 for quilters. One can not claim to be a quilter without at least 10 UFOs or WIPs. At least that is my story;-) Thanks for stopping by and I do hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    blessings, jill


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