Thursday, 14 March 2013

Temples of Luck or Ho Ho Ho

I am currently working on a quilt I designed, "Temples of Luck". 

For several years I have been collecting fabrics with an oriental theme.  I  pondered how to use them and decided on a simple background with 2 appliqued temples and Japanese Good Luck symbols.

I laid the blocks and the applique pieces out on my bed and showed my friend when she came for a cuppa.  As we stood at the bedroom door admiring the quilt she commented on the fabrics in the quit and said Ho Ho Ho. We enjoyed our cuppa and had a good catch up but the Ho Ho Ho comment puzzled me. 
Later in the day I went back to the quilt and as I walked into the bedroom this is what I saw.

We had been looking at the quilt from the side not top to bottom.  I have decided to mark the top of the quilt with a rod pocked and hope that no one else thinks I have made a Ho Ho Ho quilt  lol.  We are still giggling over her comment

Cheers and happy quilting



  1. Its all about perspective with quilting isn't it! Funny how when you look at something with fresh eyes, you see something completely different!

    1. Sooo true I could not see it because I knew they were good luck symbols. Mary saw it because she had no preconcieved ideas.

  2. Well, that quilt is bound to make you smile whenever you look at it. I've been away, so just catching up. I'm glad Bob is feeling better, and I'm glad your blog problems have cleared up. So far, I haven't had any anonymous comments, but if I do start having a problem, I'll know who to ask about it.

    1. Hi Colleen welcome back. Temples of Luck is finished and off to be quilted. Your right it does bring a smile to my face when I look at it.


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