Monday, 18 February 2013

A Sick Bob

Of a morning when I get out of bed Bob chirps to me, rings his bell and peeks out from under his cage cover.  He makes lots of noise until I let him out of his cage and then he rubs his head on the side of my face and chatters to me.  Last Thursday morning he was very quiet and when I let him out of his cage there was no smooching.  He climbed under the bottom of my Tshirt and spent most of the day there.  When he ate it was as if he had a sore throat and could not swallow properly.

I rang the vet and managed to get an appointment for that afternoon.  The vet examined bob and diagnose a fungal infection in his crop.  Beware if you have pet birds commercial brands of seed purchased at the supermarkets are not kept in the correct conditions and carry fungus.  I had thought I was giving Bob a treat with some millet seeds. Instead it made him sick.

The vet gave us some medicine to treat the condition,  half a mil three times a day.  Boy that sounds easy.  First we had to catch him, the first couple of times was easy he flew to me when I called.  Now how to give medicine to a tiny bird without hurting him.  We found the only way was for me to hold him and his beak open while hubby gave the medication.  As I said the first couple of times was easy.  Bob is very intelligent and when I called him the next couple of nights he found places to hide, behind trophies, a vase and photo frames. When we got close he would fly to his next hiding spot or  to his favourite perch, the shower rose.

After being caught he would wiggle and squirm, spit and splutter making it very hard to give him the medicine.  Several times there was more medicine on him than in him.  After the medicine fiasco he would rub his head on my shirt, the curtain rail or anywhere he could find to get it off his feathers.  I am so glad he has finished the medicine and is feeling better.

The moral to this story is purchase your parrot seed at a farm produce store.


  1. Glad to hear bob is better. It is so hard to know these days what is best for us and our best friends our animals.:-)

  2. Oh no, so glad to hear he is better. I cam just imagine trying to catch him.

  3. Oh, poor little Bob, it's always so distressing when our little creatures are not well. Glad he's feeling better now.

  4. I'm so glad that Bob got better!!

  5. I hope Bob is all well now and back to chirping and snuggling!

  6. Your little Bob is beautiful.I am glad he is doing better.The pic of him in his feed bowl is adorable.

    Thanks for jioning my blog.


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